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Pingxiang A&R Ceramics Co., Ltd has remained unwavering in its commitment to quality, uncompromising in its attention to detail and focused on being at the forefront of   technology of making Honeycomb ceramic, Catalyst support ballRandom Packing, Structured packing, Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieve.

Ever keeping an eye on long run, A&R connected a gas pipeline with Pingxiang Iron&Steel company in 2000, not only did it protect the environment from pollution,it also cleared the products from impurities and blemishes. At the same time,  A&R  introduced a deferrization equipment to lower the iron contains less than 0.6%.

From Shanghai and Shenzhen the two main ports,  A&R  exports  its products(Honeycomb ceramic,Catalyst support media, Random Packing, Structured packing,Activated aluminaMolecular Sieve ) to at least 20 countries all over around Europe, South East Asian, American, Middle East and Far East, we are proud to see our annual turnover surpass 5 million dollars.

Over the years we have enriched our expertise and build a solid reputation, thanks to our dynamic team, and thanks to all who support us.


New Products

Dense Alumina Honeycomb
Cordierite Honeycomb Monolith
Ceramic support media
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A&R is committed to the highest possible quality of our products and systems. We established our own quality management systems and obtained ISO9001:2000 certificates in October 2005. Our employees understand quality is fundamental for better economic efficiency and competitiveness. All stages of our process adhere to the stringent ISO9001 quality standard.